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Scania fordonshistoria Scania: Go over the manual again, and verify the each component and it’s orientation, if applicable, Check all the soldered joints and connections, Verify that the board is getting a good ground, Verify that the board has 12 volts, Verify the signals at the X0, X1, INJ1, and INJ2 connections with an LED tester and the MegaSquirt on a stim , Verify that there is ‘infinite’ resistance between the TIPs and the heat sink, Verify that the connections are to the correct place on the boards both flyback and MegaSquirt , Verify that you have V2. The high-resolution MegaSquirt-I code can help in this situation, but you lose the PWM current limiting mode so you have to run resistor packs with peak and hold low-impedance injectors. However, if you are planning on a throttle body injection set-up, you need a dedicated TBI unit in order to supply the fuel to the injectors, etc. Note that if you feel your fuel supply is not smooth enough, you can add an accumulator. I am glad that I was able to help and thank you for the feedback.

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The Flyback board must be used in conjunction with embedded code version 2. We do not sell email addresses fdt other private information.

InLucas developed its injection system, which was first used for Jaguar racing cars at Le Mans. You can sign up in less than 30 seconds.

Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA)

This can also create ret trapping air on assembly that can cause issues at first start-up. Enter your injector resistance in ohmsyour hold current in ampsas well as your injector impedance in ohmsin the form below and press the “Compute resistor” button. Please note that regular mail service to the US has been quite injectorr.


It also helps close the injectors faster. Use a multi-meter on its highest resistance setting to check that you have “infinite” resistance between the metal mounting tab of the transistor body and the heat sink. We do not want to be visiting you in the hospital or worse! The edge of the heat sink is flush with the end of the case.

Use the ground pad of one of the removed components shown in the diagrams ibjector. Archived from the original PDF on This pump consists of a fuel pump, filter, and an “accumulator”. In an EFI retrofit it is generally easier to use an external fuel pump. Be sure to remove the fuel tank cap before starting the cleaning.

Peak&Hold Injector Driver Board for Megasquirt

Please refer to the core return instructions included with the part or contact customer service for more details. To limit the current to under 2 amps, you need:. This system was not a ‘pulse’ or intermittent injection, but rather a constant flow system, metering fuel to all cylinders simultaneously from a central ‘spider’ of injection lines.

You can still order the bare board and get the components on your own. The AN Army-Navy ‘dash’ system of hose and fitting sizing was established many years ago by the American military as a common measurement for hoses and fittings.

So you really have to compare the EFI throttle size to the carb’s venturi size. A leaking fuel hose can start a very dangerous fire in your car, so make sure hose assemblies are routed properly to reduce the chance of any abrasion damage.


If Q1 on the eft of the board does look burnt however, injecgor is a sure sign of a flyback failure. This makes the injected fuel quantity solely a function of the injector open time. Injectors that have too small a flow rating can starve the engine of fuel at full power, and seriously damage your engine. An inertial safety shut off switch should be installed and used to kill power to the pump upon significant impact to vehicle.

Below is a picture of a 7. The first post-World War I example of direct gasoline injection was on the Hesselman engine invented by Swedish engineer Jonas Hesselman in Original design by G.

Injectors and Fuel Supply

Due to the wartime relationship between Germany and Japan, Mitsubishi also had two radial aircraft engines utilizing fuel injection, the Mitsubishi Kinsei kinsei means ‘venus’ and the Mitsubishi Kasei kasei means ‘mars’.

The resistors and diodes of the V2. Find the Manuals up top under Quick links: These are available from most aftermarket speed parts suppliers, such as Summit Racing or Jegs. innjector

If you are using an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, it is a good idea to also install a pressure gauge, since most of these lnjector adjustable.

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