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Joined May 9, Messages 11 0. Another issue is the mixture of Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet. It is really hit or miss but if you are having stability issues or blue screens pointing to your network card s or network connectivity issues, it wouldn’t hurt to try this. I’d only do it if you had a serious compatibility issue. I assume the add-on card is better.. Thread cleansed of nonsense. Joined Nov 23, Messages 0.

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Guide: Turn your Killer E2200 NIC into Qualcomm Atheros AR8161

All the “Killer” series is just a pocketbook killer and offers no real world athfros beyond epeen and marketing. This adds bandwidth control and network priority rules to the mix and allows simultaneous use of all network controllers to assist with routing.

Despite claims and plenty of promise, no.

This is the experience out of the box. Even the mightiest 8-core Intel desktop systems have to deal with an inherent limitation of the Windows task management structure. Everything seems to e22011 and work smoothly, but test results were less optimistic. If you’re buying a premium motherboard expressly for the “gaming” networking features, you’d be better off spending that money elsewhere.


Ethernet vs DoubleShot internet results. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The problem comes from the extended driver package for gamers that tries to combine these separate controllers via the Killer network manager. ahteros

Forums New posts Search forums. Joined Aug 26, Messages 0. BarrettSimpson New Member May 29, New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. Was getting very sick of dealing with this NIC. Qualcomm eventually relented and now offers a barebones version of the Atheros LAN and Wi-Fi driver set without the manager included.

When run with the latest downloaded rules, network file copy operations are shunted to Wi-Fi in a fruitless quest to preserve network speed, even when no high-priority network tasks are in evidence. The reality is that bandwidth limitations outside the computer, and thus control of the Killer Network Manager, are almost always responsible for the bottlenecks in online gaming.

I cant recommendvthem to anyone. Joined May 17, Messages 1 0. TheGoat Eater Jun 2, You can add my voice to the chorus that recommends using it from first install.

Killer Wireless | Killer Networking | Killer Ethernet Driver

Chetkigaming Mar 16, Steevo Mar 16, For example, ISP speeds are just a fraction of home network bandwidth or a server attached to a network with a single gigabit NIC gigabit fiber is as fast as it gets for most, and your typical cable or DSL connection is far slower at megabits or less.


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I assume the add-on card is better. In any case, torrent packages also offer effective bandwidth controls of their own.

But balancing between asymmetric networking interfaces is notoriously difficult, often causing more problems than it solves, and testing the Killer network manager revealed this remains the case. Joined Oct 21, Messages 4, 0. Both Left for Dead 2 and CS: There is a video showing their comparison. With a single exception, no tests or combination of settings made any difference, even when two or more separate local servers were accessed for copy operations, a best-case scenario configuration that bypasses some bandwidth limits.

First thing I did was to upgrade to Windows to 8.

Vario Mar 15, Another issue is the mixture of Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet.

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