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I get a nice direct, single, sound, as expected. I’ll definitely be adding RAM at some point — there’s a lot of freaky stuff I hope to do using vocal samples as elements in Expanded Articulation mode I’m wanting to record the midi data from that track to an audio track. Please see the attached image, where in addition to adding a stereo Audio track I have also added: The problem was here: Clearly audio from the Sound Engine is going directly to the phones jack, but also to the computer and being returned from the computer and also to the phones jack.

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And thank you for your indulgence. Cubase which is tightly coupled to the Motif it can be useful.

MOTIF XS Extension V for Windows 7 / Vista 64bit – Yamaha – Other European Countries

Sorry had trouble with the pics. It can always exist because the signal is routed on two paths. The latent Return audio lane is muted. From a functional perspective – it’s as if “stand alone” and “with pc direct monitor ” were the same setting just with two different names. I almost considered working a deal with the seller for the XS7 minus the mLAN it’s already installed but decided for the hundred or so bucks more that he was asking to keep the card in I might as well just take the mLAN plunge It is the Audio Interface output when you are routing signal from Cubase to that output.


I expect to be able to have multiple MIDI tracks recorded, and then be able to simultaneously record multiple audio tracks from said midi tracks. But i still don’t see any of those options in the vst editor. As you can see, I’m somewhat skeptical about adding the mLAN.

Ok – that’s all very clear. That’s why it is there. This one can just run along with Logic and gives you access to so many paramters that are just too tedious to do in hardware. We’re still set to “PC Direct”. I can tell you that what you missed the first time around is still what you are missing now. Also, the “Loyalty Program” disk, if purchased, will give you some excellent addtional voices. I’m a huge fan of the XS6; it’s one purchase that has left me with no regrets whatsoever.

MOTIF XS Extension V1.5.1 for Windows 7 / Vista 64bit

Er, playback audio and record audio simultaneously, precisely. Thank you for the quick response.

It is meant for when you use the instrument by itself, sans computer. But also since Direct Monitor is available – the sound goes also directly to the output. Singers and guitar players even drummers are the first to complain about latency. I know it’s the returned signal ’cause I’ve set a large buffer size causing a significant delay. Any dispute or procedure shall be heard before the Tokyo District Court in Japan. MacPro 6 core – 64 gig of ram OSX So I switch to “with pc direct monitor “.


Before the images – the basics: But evenwhen I do this, the outputs are still no visible in the editor dropdown. That clears my expectation question. Record can be a situation where all channels are coming IN Playback mix is a situation where all channels are going OUT Overdub combines some of both Project template is not available in version 1. Mind you, i fI decide they need any editing in terms of notes – it basically has to be thrown away and re-export the MIDI track.

The way doubling occurs is when you are monitoring both the Direct output and mln audio via the VST Audio Lane routings together.

M – what can I say – I hate to abuse of your patience like this – I’m sure you have more important things to do – but know that your help is immensely appreciated. The audio is redirected initial through the computer. Of course, if you listen to both mlsn anyone can hear that.

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